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  • Green.Tech
    06-20 02:20 PM
    Bump w/o $$$!

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  • needhelp!
    11-09 01:47 PM
    I am sure there are so many others like you. I hope all these affected individuals will set up appointments with their congressman to tell them how their system is playing with our lives.

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  • pappu
    06-04 02:11 PM
    It is really tricky to come up with a deadline for EB employment. US is set of laws and the law is same for every one it applies. for example:If you not from a retrogressed country you will get your GC even if you start now (before enactment of this bill).
    Please know the difference between bill and law. If ever this particular bill becomes law the deadline for any cases filed under previous law will not be rejected, this is as clear as mud, to make the law same for all who applied/pending /approved on the day of enactment!!.:eek:
    You can refer to other lawyer's interpretations of the bill and also ask your own lawyer for more information and to better understand the harm this bill does to us.

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  • subh21
    01-14 04:46 PM
    Does anyone know to what address USCIS mails the AP. Is it the lawyer's office or is it the home address?

    I am planning to move and information on this will be very helpful. Thanks!

    I have a similar question -- the USCIS site says document mailed on Dec 26th, but I am yet to receive it. I have not heard from the Lawyers either. USCIS mailed the receipt to the lawyers but EAD to our home, what's the deal with AP - home or lawyers?


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  • Milind123
    09-15 08:30 AM
    thanks Zappy pvhemanth :)

    Thank you Zappy & pvhemanth for the very nice contribution. I thought you would come after our three sponsors have pledged. That was really nice of you.

    May I now request contributions from the people who have contributed only once? If you have contributed some time back please consider doing so now.
    Also, if you have contributed before and do not plan to contribute now, we would like to know the reason? There is obviously some disillusionment. If you don't feel comfortable posting, feel free to send out a PM. We will try our best to address your concerns. Remember your contribution before the rally is slightly more beneficial for IV.

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  • McLuvin
    10-22 09:47 AM
    What is the average time frame for this whole process??

    Lets say once the company approves for the porting process....

    What is the average time involved for processing, PWD, adv., then perm filing/approval...

    Anyone who had gone through and had experience.. pls share...



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  • rpchalasani
    06-04 11:09 AM
    I Contributed $ 100.00 Now.
    Receipt # 4674-1281-7879-3812


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  • gc_aspirant_prasad
    07-06 01:57 PM
    we really need this benefit....or else we may have our hair on fire....
    Rumor has to be true..or else I am ......................going to Canada
    me too. Personally I think Australia might have better weather but Canada is closer


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  • gc_chahiye
    07-20 06:37 PM
    July filers SCREAMED for the right to simultaneously file after the government realized they had to reneg on their bulletin precisely because they could NOT cope with these numbers. AILA screamed that it had to do it or they would sue.

    Well it's done. Happy now?

    I remember talking of how the all current bulletin was a big mistake in the first place because of the jam it would create and i was shot down for suggesting such a thing.

    And now the massive backlog is the result.

    You can't have your cake and eat it too.

    No sooner do some get the right to file for EAD than they are bitching about how long it will take to get it.

    I urge you to show some patience. Receipting alone is taking monumental amounts of time. So chill, focus on other things and enjoy whatever privileges you have.

    Rampant speculation built on figures from people like Mathew Oh and assumptions about how and when resources are allocated to EAD processing are just one assumption built upon another. They do nothing but terrify people.

    It's hard waiting. I came here in 2000. Still I wait. Almost 8 years now. And I hate it. But make no mistake about it. We are, for now at least, guests in this country and we have all, almost without exception, learned early in this process that there would be many frustrating delays.

    One thing people forget is that the USCIS is WHOLLY self funded. This pre-fee-raise deluge just knocked 250 million out of the operating budget. And we wanted it that way. Now, sadly, we'll need to show some patience.

    Perhaps with a little luck, they will again introduce interim EADs from local SA offices. Keep your fingers crossed.

    thats one way to look at it. The other way to see this is that:

    - given enough people making noise its possible to get DOS/USCIS to make changes and fix things. this has now been proven.

    -there is a lot more visibility for EB related issues now, so much better chance of recapture or exemption for spouses from VB calculations etc.

    - instead of focus being on filing 485 without visa numbers (which is what IV focussed on for a while) everyone will now focus right at the root of the problem. All 500K are now focussed on solving the main issue.

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  • ckichannagari
    07-15 11:24 AM
    Just mailed cheque for $20


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  • sampath
    04-25 02:04 PM
    I did'nt start this thread. I just expressed my opinion supporting it, when I saw others' express their views..

    I don't understand what you mean by saying "take this offline". Anyway, if you are the admin, you can delete this thread and put it where you want...

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  • sroyc
    07-11 01:37 PM
    In order to avoid visa wastage, there is no �per country limit� during the last quarter, that could be the main reason for this quantum leap in EB2-I PD movement.

    The per country limit was not adhered to even in the 3rd quarter. Remember how EB2 India rose like a phoenix from Unavailable to April 2004? Once they determine that there are enough visas for spillover, the per country limits don't exist. The question is how they decide to distribute it among the retrogressed countries.


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  • aristotle
    07-21 03:33 AM
    I agree with you the perfect solution is to remove the country cap, but we dont live in a perfect world. What I am saying is that all 4 items "together" should be a minimum. I agree if the country cap is increased to 10% with everything else being the same, it makes NO difference.

    In general, anything "unlimited" (read cap exempt) seems to be a NO-NO with the conservatives.

    are u kidding? raise country cap to 10%!!!!!!!!!

    only solution is get rid of the country cap. Before anybody from ROW goes into a lecture about "diversity" blah blah blah please think with a rational mind. Getting rid of country quota is the only solution. things like increasing it to 10% etc will only reduce the backlog time for Indian applicants from 25 years to maybe 18 years.

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  • harivenkat
    08-12 11:37 AM
    Just dont get what the senator is intending here ....

    "The business model of these newer companies is not to make any new products or technologies like Microsoft or Apple does. Instead, their business model is to bring foreign tech workers into the United States who are willing to accept less pay than their American counterparts, place these workers into other companies in exchange for a �consulting fee,� and transfer these workers from company to company in order to maximize profits from placement fees. In other words, these companies are petitioning for foreign workers simply to then turn around and provide these same workers to other companies who need cheap labor for various short term projects."

    Does this mean every H1b at MS, Apple invents ipod, iphone, USB etc.... and there is no similarity in the nature of work done by him compared to that coming from a consulting company at a client site..... he talks about products or technologies but what about services/speciality occupation using these products/technologies ... that is exactly what most of the IT sector does....

    "The H-1B is a non-immigrant visa in the United States under the Immigration and Nationality Act, section 101(a)(15)(H). It allows U.S. employers to temporarily employ foreign workers in specialty occupations."

    Not sure if senator is missing it or dodging it ....


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  • Milind123
    09-17 02:05 PM
    Order Details - Sep 17, 2007 1:33 PM EDT
    Google Order #371403364547278

    Thank you kumar for your shot. Which IIT did you graduate from? Delhi?

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  • makemygc
    07-06 02:07 PM
    I doubt it, uscis used up 60k visas in one month just to make sure we dont get any ead, why in the world after doing all this nonsense would they accept our applications.

    Well...this is the same argument we gave when we first heard about the July VB rumour in june but no one belived. I hope badluck's lawyer brings us some good luck but this is hard to believe this time.


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  • ski_dude12
    07-11 11:20 AM
    Welcome news for EB2. For EB3.. hang in there folks... things will happen soon for you all.

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  • SkilledWorker4GC
    07-15 10:37 AM
    Money raised in a day = $1014.00

    Lets raise $2000 today.

    Please keep track of $$ raised. It helps motivate ppl. to come forward

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  • arnab221
    07-20 12:32 PM
    750,000 applications ? Does that mean the PD will be 01 Jan 1900 after October ? I think you grossly overestimated the number of applications . If the GC quota is 9800 for India then to process 750,00 applications ( most of them will be India I am sure ) will take like 20 years . Thats impossible man !!!

    07-06 11:38 AM
    may look big..... but if you check many thousands of these users were created during June-July2007 timing..... lots of people filed their GC and never came back to the site......

    Only way to get the active member count is to send them email by admin and let IV member reply back. This is only for IV member who has not logged in last 3 months.

    Otherwise, all we know is how many people signed up so far. Nothing more.


    04-30 04:47 PM
    "To maximize visa number usage while working off its backlog, USCIS has adopted a production strategy that focuses on completing cases where visas are immediately available and on working cases to the point just short of approval (pre-adjudication) where visas will be available in the coming months. Pre-adjudication includes completing all required background checks and resolving all eligibility issues except for visa availability. This allows for immediate approval and visa number allocation as visas become available for pre-adjudicated cases."

    does it mean that if your EB3 (I) , your I485- file is not going to be looked at for the next several years?

    Yes I believe that's what it means... If you date is not current or not about to become current in the next months, then your case would be unlikely to be adjucated...

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